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Our philosophy:
Creating connections, experiencing excellence

At our agency specializing in high-end furniture in Southeast Asia, we pursue a philosophy that focuses on creating connections and experiencing excellence.

Our vision is to connect the renowned Swiss furniture manufacturer Wogg with specialty stores, architects, interior designers, project developers and clients such as hotels and others in Southeast Asia. We firmly believe that high-quality furniture not only enhances living spaces, but also creates unique experiences.

Our goal is to build a bridge between Wogg's exquisite furniture and discerning customers in Southeast Asia. We place great emphasis on personalized service, tailor-made solutions and close collaboration with our partners.

Our aim is to exceed our customers' expectations and take them on a journey of inspiration and style. With our commitment to quality, aesthetics and innovation, we set new standards in the furniture industry and foster lasting relationships based on trust and respect.

Welcome to our agency, where connection and excellence go hand in hand to transform your home and your projects.

Welcome to the future of furniture design in Southeast Asia.


Peter Welti and Team


Premium Agency and Trading

Patented Wogg 75 roll front system

The patented Wogg 75 Rollfront System heralds a new era in interior design and space optimization. Manufactured with Swiss precision by Wogg, this innovation offers space-saving, interchangeable and universally applicable solutions. Its haute couture design exudes timelessness and contemporary flair, cementing Wogg's position as one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers for over 40 years.

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WORLDI Premium Agency and Trading

Peter Welti

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