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Since 1983

Wogg is haute couture, modern chic and urban lifestyle with furniture of the highest quality and precision, characterised by purism, international nonchalance, lightness and timeless elegance.


Swiss precision made in Switzerland.


Wogg continues to write furniture history.


The Wogg collection is a steadily growing collection of strong individual pieces that could hardly be more different. Held together by simplicity and sophistication, detached from modernity or even fashion, the solitaires are characterized by a casual, international elegance. At the same time, each individual piece of furniture is always cleverly functional and can be used in a variety of ways, stands for interesting technical solutions and exudes that certain something. To this day, the guiding principle behind every new project is to think radically differently in terms of craftsmanship and design, thereby arriving at unexpected solutions - constructively, typologically and aesthetically. This fearless attitude has led to Wogg regularly adding new, extraordinary stories to the history of design.


It is no coincidence that Wogg is considered one of the most important furniture manufacturers in history and has received numerous prestigious awards.


Selection & Inspiration Collections

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